Weed Scientists at OSU


Barroso, Judit
Assistant Professor of Weed Science; Columbia Basin Ag. Research Center; Weed management and weed ecology in dryland crops. 
Pendleton;  (541) 278-4394
Mallory-Smith, Carol
Professor of Weed Science;  Weed biology, herbicide resistant weeds; weed control in agronomic crops and, integrated pest management.
Corvallis; (541)737-5883
Felix, Joel
Assistant Professor of Weed Science - Malheur Expt. Station; Weed control practices for onions, potatoes, corn, beans, sugar beets and poplar trees.
Ontario; (541) 889-2174 
Hulting, Andy
Weed Management Specialist, Crop and Soil Science Dept., 
Corvallis. (541) 737-5098
Mueller-Warrant, George
Courtesy Associate Professor; Weed control in seed crops.
Corvallis; (541)750-8738; USDA;
Peachey, R. Edward
Assistant Professor, Senior Research - Horticulture; Tillage and cropping system effects on herbicide loss and water quality.  Effect of weed seed burial depth and tillage system on emergence potential.  Weed management in processed vegetables. 
Corvallis; (541) 737-3152
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