Pendleton Station

Pendleton Station from the air

The Pendleton Station is headquarters for 10 OSU and USDA scientists representing 8 disciplines. The Pendleton station is located on 160 acres of land northeast of Pendleton; an additional 35 acres of rented land is used for direct-seed research.  The station is equipped with modern laboratories specializing in plant morphology, pathology, and breeding; soil chemistry, physics, and microbiology; computer modeling of plant growth; weed science; hydrology; and agricultural equipment design. Other special features include plant-growth and controlled atmosphere environmental chambers, soil and plant processing and analytical equipment, library, weather station, carpentry, welding, machine shops, and housing for visitors.


Sherman Station

Scientists at the Moro Station discuss their research with the agricultural community.

The Sherman Station is located on 230 acres of land near Moro and serves the field research needs of scientists from the OSU campus in Corvallis and the Pendleton Station.  The onsite staff has a shop, office, weather station, and a full complement of farm equipment.   Current research involves: variety development; soil fertility practices for cereal crops as well as legumes, canola, mustard and other crops; weed management; disease and nematode management; and use of soil conservation practices including direct seeding.

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