Dryland Research Report - 2010

Dryland Research Report 101
June 2010

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Introduction, Research Plot Locations, Research Center Publications, Author Affiliations  pdf

Plant Community Development in a Dryland CREP in Northeastern Oregon  pdf

One Tillage Pass Can Produce Highly Effective Tilled Summer Fallow  pdf

Specialty Spring Barley Variety and Nitrogen Rate Trials across Northeastern Oregon  pdf

Genetic Characterization of Resistance in Wheat to the Root-Lesion Nematode Pratylenchus thornei  pdf

Adaptation and Yield of Spring and Fall Sown Safflower in Northeastern Oregon  pdf

USDA-ARS Club Wheat Breeding in Oregon  pdf

Wine Grape (var. Merlot) Response to Residual Imazethapyr (Pursuit®) in Soil  pdf

Pendleton and Moro Precipitation  pdf

Pendleton and Moro Temperature  pdf

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