Fusarium Crown Rot

macroconidia of Fusarium culmorum

macroconidia of F.culmorum

Fusarium pseudograminearum causes browning of wheat subcrown internodes

Crown rot causes browning of wheat seedling subcrown internodes

Whiteheads caused by Fusarium crown rot

Whiteheads caused by Fusarium crown rot


Sandbed nursery for screening wheat lines for resistance to several crown rot fungi

Screening varieties for resistance to Fusarium pseudograminearum, F. culmorum, and Bipolaris sorokiniana, using a "sandbed" nursery system


macroconidia of Fusarium pseudograminearum

Macroconidia of F. pseudograminearum

Genetic Resistance and/or Tolerance to Fusarium crown rot (foot rot)

A complex of Fusarium and related species causes Fusarium crown rot by infecting roots and crowns of winter and spring wheat, and winter and spring barley. Yields can be reduced up to 30%, depending on environmental conditions and field management practices. Current disease management emphasis is on selecting wheat germplasm with tolerance and/or resistance to the dominant pathogens, Fusarium pseudograminearum , Fusarium culmorum , and Bipolaris sorokiniana . Collaborators include wheat breeders and pathologists in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and in Australia, Syria (ICARDA) and Turkey (CIMMYT). Representative papers include the following.

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