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Pendleton and Moro Field Days, 2015

You are all invited to the Pendleton Field Day on June 9 and Moro Field Day on June 10. Information presented will include updates on new varieties, plant diseases, soil pH, and soil water among other topics. See you there!!

 The Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, with facilities in Pendleton and Moro, is a branch of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station at OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences.

Field research at both Pendleton and Moro emphasizes the production of wheat and rotational crops such as barley, legumes, and canola. Scientists at the Columbia Basin Center specialize in research and extension work important to the production of field crops on 2 million acres in north-central and northeastern Oregon. Wheat and barley in this region generate more than $300 million annually.

Pendleton Station

48037 Tubbs Ranch Road
P.O. Box 370
Pendleton, Oregon 97801

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Make a donation to the Pendleton Station Endowment Fund

Sherman Station

66365 Lone Rock Road
Moro, Oregon 97039

Directions: See map
Make a donation to the Sherman Station Endowment Fund

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